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NEXPAY knows the objective of Payroll and Human Resource Departments is to maximize the return on investment from the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk. It is the responsibility of human resource managers, operations manager, payroll clerks and owners to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner.


Payroll and Human resource management serves these key functions:

  1. Selection of qualified employees
  2. Training and Development of employees in all levels
  3. Performance Evaluation and Management accountability
  4. Promotions and career advancements in an organizational structure
  5. Redundancy in processing
  6. Industrial and Employee Relations
  7. Record keeping of all personal data
  8. Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll
  9. Confidential advice to internal managers and employees in relation to problems at work
  10. Career development and continuous education

With these few key aspects in mind NEXPAY has put together a Resource Center that will assist you in gauging your current position in your industry and company structure.


HR & Benefits Essentials
Our award-winning Human Resource and Benefits library features easy-to-understand and navigate HR and Employee Benefits content, a targeted search engine, one-on-one responsiveness through ‘Ask the Experts’ and hundreds of downloadable forms. Our comprehensive library fulfills the HR and Benefits information needs of insurance brokers, human resource professionals and employers nationwide by delivering fast, accurate information when and where they need it.


Background Check Services
Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we now offer instant and affordable background searches. Our partnership provides you with secure and instant access to a web-based national criminal and sex offender directory. This directory includes over 507 million criminal records covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.
NCS is committed to providing a high quality, low cost, complete solution tailored to meet your criminal background search needs. Our system is fast and easy to use allowing for immediate results. Some of our services include:

  • Instant National Criminal Searches
  • Multi-State Sex & Violent Offenders Search
  • County Criminal History
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Employment Credit Reports
  • Social Security Verification & Address Tracker
  • Healthcare Industry Search Services
  • Tenant Screening
  • Volunteer Screening

To Our Business Friends and Clients
A complementary new letter with noteworthy news and information concerning payroll, human resources and benefits, nexnotes e-newsletter comes with articles written and edited by industry experts. Some informed articles such as Best HR Practices, HR answers, Cost-cutting Actions, Motivation & Rewards

Employee Ideas & Involvement, HR Tool kit, Handbook Issues and Risk/Trouble Reduction techniques. nexnotes has up-to-date nuts and bolts actions and strategies for best results plus proven track record of the most effective and unique ways to motivate and reward your company.


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